SILHOUETTE Technology in Face Lifting

SILHOUETTE Technology in Face Lifting

With the new Silhouette suturing system, it is possible to get rid of the wrinkles present between your face and the neck in a short time with local anesthesia. 

Correcting facial sagging due to age by hanging with suturing systems without using major surgical interventions is a method that has long been known. Since sutures of the lift moves in to the tissue in time, and since the results obtained with surgery are not permanent, “suture suspension” has become a less preferred technique. With Silhouette suturing system, developed due to this problem, by stretching the tissues with soluble cones that are placed on the lift sutures, tissues are more effectively stretched and since the obtained effects are more lasting than previous methods, suture suspension method has become a preferred technique again.

Sagging of the face, the skin around the eyes, cheeks and neck in 40’s, lead to an old and exhausted appearance of the face. Many processes and surgical intervention options are developed in time to solve these problems. In recent years, though more restricted and less traumatic techniques are identified, still the most effective and lasting methods are face lift surgeries. These surgeries almost always are performed under general anesthesia, in addition to long surgical period, may contain important risks and returning back to normal life after the surgery may take a couple of weeks. Today, time has become more valuable in the accelerating daily life, there is an increasing interest on “minimal invasive” techniques in face lifting surgery as in other surgical branches that lead to less tissue damage, are less risky and allowing to going back to normal life as soon as possible.

Though “suture suspension” techniques, developed as an alternative to face lifting operations, were highly preferred since they possessed all properties expected from minimal invasive surgery, they become less and less preferred in time since the results did not last long and they lost their effectiveness in a short time like 6-12 months. In addition to negativities like some special lift systems’ being noticed from the skin, these techniques lost their popularities. With “Silhouette suturing system” developed with the consideration of these negativities, with the help of cones that resolve in time that are placed on the sutures of the lift at intervals (Figure 1), the effects of the method became more lasting than previous techniques. As long as appropriate techniques are used in Silhouette system applications, sutures and cones cannot be noticed from the outside by all means.



Figure 1. Silhouette Suturing System

Today, with Silhouette suturing system, sagging of the temples, face, cheeks and neck may be intervened in a short time like 45-60 minutes under local anesthesia. The most important advantages of this technique are patients’ going back to their normal lives 2 days after the process and also the disappearance of the effect of the intervention within 2 weeks completely and yielding natural and smooth face contours. Though the effects provided in the tissues last up to 2-4 years, since normal aging processes continue in the meantime, individual factors play an important role on the permanence of the results of the process.



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